Customer Advantages

There are three main areas that set us apart from most CEMs

1. Extra Skills Available
GPC Electronics is the extra resource that you can use to help you manage your product, meet tight time to market deadlines, improve your product or other production issues that you may encounter. This enables our customers to reduce their total cost of ownership.
Because we are located in Sydney (Australia) and Christchurch (New Zealand) we have easy access to skilled engineers, technicians, purchasing and planning staff etc. These are not only available, but are comparatively less expensive than most other countries.

2. Production Management Experience
For many years GPC Electronics has supplied leading companies such as Nortel, Toshiba, Stratex Networks, Ericsson, Siemens, Thomson Telecom and Alcatel. The company's skills and quality standards have been honed from years of building products for demanding companies like these.

3. Willingness, Flexibility
Our most important competitive advantage is our people and their ability to satisfy customer needs, regardless of difficulty. This means that GPC Electronics works with customers to increase their competitiveness by adding value and being flexible to their needs.