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New trans Tasman Link for GPC

Christchurch - October 2000

GPC Electronics has expanded its ability to service the New Zealand market following the acquisition of EDAC Systems. The new company, GPC Electronics New Zealand, will provide the New Zealand market with access to a complete range of competitively priced services.

Customers on both sides of the Tasman have welcomed the increased manufacturing capacity and capability the new company offers them.

“GPC Electronics New Zealand will remain a stand alone company but at the same time we can operate together and exchange resources and knowledge to improve our total capability and serve our customers better,” GPC Electronics Managing Director Christopher Janssen said.

GPC Electronics has experienced growth of 50% a year for the last three years and this latest acquisition sets the stage for further growth and increased service levels for a larger customer base.

“Our first priority is customer service,” Christopher said. “We will also be pursuing short and long-term opportunities in New Zealand while developing the already highly competent technical skills of the GPC New Zealand team even further,” Christopher said.

“The New Zealand market is similar to Australia’s and we have identified a number of areas in which we have real advantages in New Zealand in terms of complex products, faster response times needed to get new products to market, responding to orders, making design changes in products or applying higher levels of technology.

“We can work with customers to create value for them. We can be competitive in those fields, we have proved it in Australia and we can prove it in New Zealand.

“We want to develop and grow the business in New Zealand to provide customers with the strong technical capabilities and capacity of an international company. The New Zealand marketplace does not have to be locked into a smaller scale any more.”

About GPC Electronics
GPC Electronics is an electronics contract manufacturer based in Penrith (Sydney) Australia. Additional manufacturing sites are in Christchurch (New Zealand) and Shenzhen (China). The company produces complex electronics equipment for leading global corporations. Rather than simply following customer instructions to build products, GPC Electronics helps its customers to achieve their strategic goals through greater responsiveness, overall lower cost and improved flexibility.

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