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GPC Electronics is open and operational

Christchurch – February 2011

Following the devastating Christchurch earthquake on Tuesday afternoon, GPC Electronics is pleased to announce that we will be open for business and operational again on Monday the 28th February.

GPC 's manufacturing facility in Christchurch survived Tuesday’s earthquake with no injuries to staff and only minor damage to the building. Through the efforts of staff, local trades and contractors over the last couple of days, the damage has been repaired and all functional areas from Warehousing through SMT, Final Assembly, Test and Shipping have been confirmed as operational.

Although some of our Christchurch based suppliers have had more severe disruptions to their business, we are working with them and alternate suppliers to ensure continuation of our local supply chain. Shipment of components into our warehouse, and of finished goods out, aren’t expected to be disrupted as we have been advised that our freight forwarding and courier companies are also fully operational.

We are very pleased that our disaster recovery planning from September’s earthquake has proved effective and that GPC Electronics has been able to return to a fully operational status in such a short period of time and look forward to providing you with our continued high level of timely service.