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GPC Electronics China now certified to medical quality standard

Shenzhen – April 2014

Certification to the international medical device standard, ISO13485, has now been achieved for our manufacturing facility in China. This follows on from certification for our Australian facility two years ago.

This latest achievement was obtained just three months after the project was commenced; an indication of the quality of the existing systems in place at GPC's Shenzhen factory.

According to the auditor:

“I was very impressed with how GPC’s quality team implemented a group Quality Management System/s without any deviations.  This results in a very well run company, with any issues communicated between China and Australia resolved as one integrated team.  It was a real pleasure auditing GPC China, as this is the first time I could not find non-conformances / improvement opportunities on both systems (ISO9001 and ISO13485).

Jack Poon, P Eng. Ont Canada
Lead Auditor, SAI Global”

So, if your contract manufacturing needs extend to non-implantable medical devices, you can be assured that GPC has the internal systems in place.

For more information on GPC, please contact: 

Christopher Janssen
GPC Electronics
2 Blaikie Road, Penrith NSW  2750 Australia
61 2 4737-6610