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GPC’s investment in Christchurch supports industry growth

Christchurch - February 17, 2004

A MyData surface mount assembly line and a 3-dimensional X-ray inspection system are giving leading Christchurch electronics manufacturer GPC Electronics (NZ) a competitive edge over rival companies in Australia and New Zealand.
The two state of the art machines continue GPC Electronics’ investment programme in its Christchurch facility. The X-ray inspection system, which scans tiny electronic and mechanical components from all angles, is the first of its kind in Australasia.

With resolution down to 2 microns (less than a tenth of the width of a human hair), the machine can detect faults in even the most complex of electronic devices and assemblies manufactured for the electronics industry.

GPC Electronics (NZ) is a contract electronics manufacturer that provides high level technical and management resources to New Zealand and overseas companies. The company focuses on technically and commercially complex products, such as assemblies for payment terminals through to complete microwave radio systems.

GPC Electronics Chief Executive Frank Owen says the new investment in skilled staff, the latest manufacturing lines and X-ray inspections is in line with the company’s continuing commitment to operational excellence.

“Our focus on manufacturing process leadership directly translates to our customers experiencing lower total costs and improved in-the-field reliability,” Mr Owen says.

“In the electronics business, any field quality problem or product recall due to a fault is costly. Our goal is to deliver our customers’ products with zero defects. Our recent investments in new assembly and inspection equipment are key enablers for us.’’

The X-ray machine has fascinating capabilities. Electronic assemblies, such as the guts of a microwave radio, are inserted in the machine. An operator inspects electronic devices that are scanned digitally and then magnified on a LCD screen. Faults are detected before a product travels any further along the production chain. Process adjustments are made in a corrective feedback loop.

The system is capable of looking inside complex components at the actual wire bonds, just fractions of a millimetre in width and invisible to the human eye, or at devices where the printed circuit board connections are hidden.

The MyData line, installed at a cost of $1 million, provides increased capacity and allows preparation of the next jobs on the machine while it is running. Mr Owen says the improvement in material management translates directly into greater throughput, reduced cycle times and helps to eliminate scrap.

GPC Electronics (NZ) employs about 100 people at its Sockburn (Christchurch) plant and is hiring aggressively. The company’s turnover grew 25 per cent in the last financial year

About GPC Electronics
GPC Electronics is an electronics contract manufacturer based in Penrith (Sydney) Australia. Additional manufacturing sites are in Christchurch (New Zealand) and Shenzhen (China). The company produces complex electronics equipment for leading global corporations. Rather than simply following customer instructions to build products, GPC Electronics helps its customers to achieve their strategic goals through greater responsiveness, overall lower cost and improved flexibility.

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